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I'm Crissie.
I love art.
I couldn't live without watermelon or pizza. Or the Food Network.
I am dangerously obsessed with Disneyland.
I beat Super Mario 3 in college after ahem, a few missed classes.
I pretended to be Australian the day I met my husband. We have been
together for almost 11 years. Married 4.
We just had our first baby, Izzy.
We have a 110lb furry, chocolate lab.
I quite literally have the world's coolest family.
Eegees. Need I say more?
I am a graphic designer.
I am a jewelry maker.
I grew up in Tucson and love it with all my heart.
Brother played ball in the minors, cousin plays for the Orioles
I have always had an obsession with photography from an early age. At one point I tried modeling (like for pretend). Insert hyena style laughter here. Then I realized I was on the wrong side of the camera. Sorry, still laughing. I used to steal my parent's video camera at soccer games and spin it around. Who doesn't like watching sports upside down? Hey, just trying to be creative. Got back into photography recently and haven't been able to put the camera down since. I absuloutely love catching the moments, the less posed stuff. I love capturing your unique personality, laughs and snorts.I look forward to meeting you!

I would love for the opportunity to capture you being you,
unposed with raw emotion. Shooting people who trust me as an
artist is my passion.